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Why You Need To Send Thank You Cards

Did you know greeting cards are 11 times more likely to be opened than any other piece of mail, and the tangible thank you card generates more referral business than any form of communication.

When it comes to building relationships or following up with your clients, customers, colleagues or even staff what sort of regular touches are you making? Examples that come to mind which I've personally received include Impersonal Emails, Sales Text Messages, Facebook Invites, Marketing Letters, Junk Mail or the best one...Nothing At All!

Fact: Fewer than 3% of business people send a thank you card and that oversight of your competitors is your advantage!

There is technology available today that will allow you to send customized cards and gifts right from the convenience of your smartphone or computer...that should spark some interest!! We can show you how we use this technology to become top of mind, create more referrals and land more deals.

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