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Spread Kindness With A Card

We want to help you reach out to others in kindness and send tangible touches of appreciation, gratitude, positivity and love. We've made it a simple process for you to try out an incredible mobile app that we use everyday.

Be the light for someone else in this difficult time in society. Right now we are all dealing with an outbreak many of us have never had to experience. The coronavirus pandemic is creating fear, uncertainty and anxiety all across the world. This is the time for authentic human connection and cards are a great way to connect while we are in social isolation.

Cards put your attention on others and when a person receives a card, you shine a bright light of encouragement and bring smile to their heart. We practise this daily because we see the positive impact it has on peoples lives. You can make a difference in someones life as well and its so simple to do! Watch this quick video and see for yourself...

Let's light up the world together! Download the SendOuCards App today. It's free to download and your first card will be on us. We know you'll fall in love with this platform! There are very affordable plans available and the unlimited plan allows you to send unlimited heartfelt cards including postage anywhere in the world.

Give it try and we're available anytime if you have questions.

Download the app here:

Apple Store

Google Play

Follow These Easy Instructions:

  1. Open App

  2. Continue As Guest

  3. Enter Sponsor ID 229973

  4. Select Create Account

  5. Design Your Custom Card

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