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Spread Kindness In Uncertain Times

Here I sit with my family in social isolation or what the world is referring to as social distancing. Go figure it took a worldwide pandemic to fire the blog back up here at Casselman Creative.

As I sit here weathering the storm of uncertainty I can't help but think of those who may be out of work wondering how they'll get by in the coming weeks...perhaps month/s ahead.

We truly are living in uncertainty but staying positive, practising daily gratitude and expressing appreciation for others is a mindset that'll get you through the worst of times. Human contact may be limited right now but that doesn't mean we loose the touch of human connection.

For the past year we've used a digital platform to spread kindness and right now I believe in this outlet more than ever. I know how it makes others feel, I also know it's a way for you to build self confidence and for some it can be a source of income. One thing I am certain about is the power of paying it forward; my hope is that it brings you closer to those around you, delivering some certainty in your life and to those you connect with.

Dive in now for a high-level overview to learn more about this awesome platform with one of the top networkers in the world; Jordan Adler .

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From my family to you and yours we wish you all good health, clean hands and finding the time to laugh.

Kind Regards, Bryce Casselman