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How To Become Top Of Mind

When it comes to building relationships with your cliental or prospects, consistent habits can create amazing results! If you want massive success in todays business world then you need to be very conscious of your efforts and how you communicate. Social Media has changed the game making it very noisy to stay top of mind. But doesn't have to be like that!

Consistent Efforts = Consistent Results

In this interview Real Estate Agent & Broker Owner Gayle Zientek will share with you how she has consistently maintained a 100% referral based business over the past seven years. Gayle is averaging 50 closed homes per year with a ZERO advertising budget! She does this through a relationship marketing strategy. This interview is about 60 minutes long but trust us it is worth every second of your time. Watch now or schedule it for later but either way grab a pen and take notes as you don't want to miss this!

You'll hear Kody and Gayle speak about the same system we use to stay top of mind with our contacts...learn more about SendOutCards. If you'd like a personal demo of the system we'd be happy to connect. Contact us to book a time suitable for you!

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