How To Become A Master of Reciprocity

When it comes to relationships in either our business or personal lives there is one thing we like to practice daily here at Casselman Creative and that's acting on our promptings.

We encourage you to celebrate the people in your lives. Your family, friends and of course those who give you business. Through simple acts of kindness and appreciation like sending a card or some delicious brownies you'll encourage the law of reciprocity.

To become a master of reciprocity you must follow these 4 principals:

  1. Give for the sake of giving

  2. Say thank you for the sake of saying thank you

  3. Share appreciation for the sake of sharing appreciation

  4. Detach yourself from the outcome

Simply by being kind to others allows for the law of reciprocity to work on it own and thus you become a master of reciprocity. We use a service called SendOutCards both personally and in our business that allows us to master this philosophy. But what better than to hear a real life example!

Enjoy this interview with Kody Bateman, owner and founder of SendOutCards, talking about reciprocity with business owners who've mastered this philosophy for 15 years....


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