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How To Be Self-Disciplined

What does discipline mean to you? Do you see it as positive or negative? Many times it can be mistaken for negative because of how it was used for punishment without positive reinforcement.

So how does this fit into the relationship marketing blog? Well all relationships start with the one you have with yourself. Self-Discipline is not an instinctual trait but rather something we all have to learn. Finding balance of who you are and what you do with who you are will define how you show up for others and that takes discipline.

Along your journey of self-discipline set goals, reward yourself and if you mess up don't beat yourself up. Forgive yourself, learn and carry on!

Repetition breeds familiarity. Familiarity breeds confidence. Confidence breeds success.

Real Estate Mogul Ryan Serhant and author of the book Sell It Like Serhant nails down self-discipline in this Vlog Episode.

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