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Attitude Is Everything

As parents of two little girls we know all to well about attitude. It comes in many forms throughout a typical day; positive, negative, sassy, grumpy...trust me it comes in many many forms! Having children you see the world a little differently and you get a glimpse of how it developed for yourself. Heck, it even tests us, the parents, on how we respond!

We are programmed early in our lives on how our attitude effects our emotional state. If we found ourselves in a funk ours parents, teachers or coaches usually inspired us to think positive and quite quickly we'd overcome our emotional state. As we ventured out into the world we have been left to our own devices to cope with the circumstances we are faced with in life.

The real world though is much much different and our funks can seem much harder to overcome. With no parents to console us, no teachers to remind us or coaches to push us; all we have is that inner voice and it's either working for us or against us. Attitude is everything!

When it comes to our attitude it really boils down to the relationship we have with ourselves. To speak to that sentiment and to offer advice on what you can do to be happy in your work-life I've included this awesome interview from relationship marketing expert Kody Bateman with author Jennifer Gluckow of the book Sales In A New Your Minute.

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