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4 Key Areas of Building Trust

Lets face it we are all human and we make mistakes. In business or in our personal lives that can mean a deterioration of trust in your relationships. We all know people do business with those they Know, Like and Trust. Without the trust component though everything we built in our relationships can be stripped away. This leads to the four important phases of trust we must continue to practice...

  1. Grand Opening - First impressions on presenting yourself.

  2. Rapport Building - Be interested, listen and ask questions.

  3. Maintenance - Be of the service mindset and give without taking.

  4. Repair - Learn to apologize of any damage you have made caused.

Dive into this interview with Kody Bateman and his guest Mark Givens the founder of the Trust Based Philosophy to learn more of these quick notes I shared above.

“All success begins with trust and ends when trust deteriorates” ~Mark Givens