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About Us

We are a husband and wife team based out of the booming City of Langford located on beautiful Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. As busy parents of two little girls you can imagine the time we have in our schedules to connect with others authentically. Outside of the typical screen scrolling and instant messaging the world has quickly changed on how we communicate with each other. We love technology but the world needs more authenticity!


After doing some digging we discovered some awesome digital communication tools!  Tools that help us connect in a thoughtful way while staying top of mind with clients, colleagues, friends and family. The journey into the digital space opened our eyes to the possibilities of where technology is headed. You'd think that quest to solve communication barriers stopped there...let's just say we may have opened pandoras box! We came across a marketing solution that transforms how local businesses connect with local consumers and of course we dove right in.


Casselman Creative took shape offering these solutions to help anyone in business or personally create stronger online and offline relationships. We market products and services for personal networking, building & fostering relationships and a state of the art solution for attracting & retaining more customers to your business. All the products and services we offer are mobile technology driven giving you an advantage in the marketplace.

We look forward to connecting and sharing our discoveries with you!


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